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Netra 610mg 1 tablet

Product code: 21141
Netra 610mg 1 tablet

The Netra is a new natural product that supports a better erection and this means better sex . The Netra is for more intense sexual pleasure for men and positive effects also for woman

The Netra is powerful and effective action has been enhanced with enzymatic mechanisms.

Netra is a dietary supplement and there is no need for a prescription

Netra is a one-time pill . Unlike many other preparations should only use a pill about an hour before . maybe half an hour

Netra consists only of natural ingredients . Positive impact on masculinity has been known for centuries .

Netra is a natural product that helps to improve erection and boost libido of man. The botanical extract that contains Epimedium , has a positive effect on blood circulation, but also can improve memory and concentration. L-Arginine has a positive effect on sexual activity, sexual appetite and erection. It also supports the regular bloodstream .

Netra is the best supplement for cases of erectile disorder . With the Netra your sex life will be reborn !


Contained in wheat germ oil , which is one of the best sources of vitamin E. It is a valuable part of a balanced diet . It can also be found in whole grains , nuts , sugar cane and


Named after the plants Coffea arabica, is an alkaloid , which is upregulated in the central nervous system and heart.

It belongs to the group of purine methyl xanthine derivative that includes theobromine ( chocolate ) and theophylline ( bronchodilator substance relaxing bronchial muscles).

Caffeine in humans acting as a stimulant of the central nervous system ( CNS), fatigue and temporarily suppresses alert wakefulness .

Effects of caffeine on human bodyCaffeine well absorbed in the stomach and small intestine , blood sugar is higher for 45 to 60 minutes after ingestion. In the bloodstream has distinct effects . It is known for its stimulating effect on brain activity , but also has many other effects . Increases blood pressure and production of stomach acid , the acceleration pulse , improves the utilization of fat stores and the fatty acids released into the bloodstream . These effects can last from a few hours to twelve hours , but after four days of regular use , the body becomes resistant . So , even if at first caffeine creates an increase in blood pressure and the heart beats faster than normal after applying any changes will be apparent.

L- arginine

Arginine is one of the semi - essential amino acids ( ie , amino acids that the body under certain conditions by themselves can not produce in sufficient quantities - this situation typically occurs during periods of growth , increased physical activity , illness , Mr. etc. . ) .

It enhances the sexual experience :

The amino acid arginine is completely unique and irreplaceable carrier substance responsible for the transport of nitrogen oxide and direct secretion of growth hormone (GH standing - . Than English Growth Hormone) . Nitric oxide ( NO ) in the human body was created primarily by arginine - sufficient nitric oxide is essential for maintaining patency of blood vessels ( vasodilator effects , vasodilation ) , construction support and male fertility .

Highest Nitric Oxide causing blood flow to the muscles perfect ( including sexual ) , improvement of potency and sexual experience , improve supply to the heart and brain of oxygen , increases the flow of blood in muscles.Conducted studies have shown positive effect of administration of L- arginine in men : Increases sperm production , improve erectile ability and sexual libido .

For women in this regard is the use of arginine , gives increased sexual arousal.

How long does it take until the Netra working?

Every body is a little different , so " I can not tell you how fast the Netra will work on you . In the tests we do mean the Netra started working was after 36 minutes. However, we recommend 1 1.30 hours before intercourse .

How will I know that the Netra started working ?

The Netra. Causes and ensures better physical and mental reaction to the sexual urge and will therefore enjoy a stronger and longer-lasting erection on sexual stimulation.

How long does the Netra;

the Netra is a dietary supplement that helps improve blood circulation and sexual appetite . If you take a pill in the morning , will also help you get a better erection evening . you can last more than 30 hours, but recommend that one takes away from the food for better results and certainly with a half hour before intercourse

Is drug Netra;

No! It is a dietary supplement , there is no need for prescription and contains only safe natural ingredients . With regular use of the Netra will improve your blood circulation , which will also improve your sexual libido .


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