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ESI Normolip 5, 30Tabs

Product code: 23609
ESI Normolip 5, 30Tabs

With Monocolin K 10mg that helps maintain normal cholesterol levels


Normolip 5 of ESI is a Clinically Tested Natural Nutrition Supplement with Monocolin K from a red fungus developed on rice that helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood. The beneficial effects are ensured with the daily intake of 10 mg of Monacoline K. In addition, the Chromium contained in it contributes to the physiological metabolism of macronutrients.

Instructions for use: 1 plant capsule in the evening

Do not exceed the recommended dose / Food supplements are not medicines and do not substitute a balanced diet / The product is only consumed by adults / Detailed instructions for use on product packaging

Vegetable Capsules: made from fiber derived from the fermentation of the tapioca plant, are natural and without artificial colors, easy to digest and suitable for vegetarians and humanitarian vegetarians.

Packaging: 30 herbal capsules

Nutritional Supplement Notification to AEO: AP 23216 / 05.03.2014

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