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The Butcher''s broom (also called Jew''s Myrtle, Knee Holly, Kneeholm, Pettigree, Sweet Broom) is a small leafy shrub cultivated in the Mediterranean region and Europe.

The Butcher''s broom has been used to improve circulation, relieve constipation and to relieve fluid retention. It is reported that the Butcher''s broom may enhance the veins of the circulatory system and strengthen the walls of capillaries. It is rich in flavonoids such as rutin and enhances blood flow to the brain, legs and hands.

The Butcher''s broom has been reported for its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions, including:

Chronic venous insufficiency

The European herbalists, doctors used the Butcher''s broom for centuries to relieve constipation and excessive fluid retention. The Butcher''s broom can relieve swelling and pain of arthritis and rheumatism, and works especially well for people who are "on their feet" in most of the day, such as doctors, salesmen and teachers.

This herb may also reduce cramps, bloating and other symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency. This failure allows the collection of blood in the veins, which may cause varicose veins, spider veins, scars and even blood clots in the legs.

The Butcher''s broom has been used as a mild diuretic and laxative. Scientists researching the Butcher''s broom for treatment of orthostatic hypotension (drop in blood pressure after standing up).

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