Nuk Baby Rose Blue Pacifier M1(0-6) 1pics

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Nuk Baby Rose Blue Pacifier M1(0-6) 1pics 

Orthodontic Pacifier silicone Nuk Rose & Blue ideal for the healthy development of the jaw.
Soft and flexible
The pacifier with orthodontic shape has history 60 years when then Professor orthodontic Dr.Balters and the dentist Dr.Muller designed the first "natural & orthodontics" pacifier, according to the prototype nature.
The shape of the maternal nipple during breastfeeding a model for the design of orthodontic pacifiers Nuk, which means it is ideally suited to the mouth of the baby. So train the musculature of the lips, tongue and jaw.
Thanks to Nuk air system permitted the escape of air from the nipple through the elastic portion, so remains soft and pliable, so as to reduce the risk of orthodontic problems.
The pacifier is in line with the standard EN 1400.
The Pacifier Nuk Rose & Blue NOT contain BPA
Clean the soother thoroughly before first use and before each use