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Optima Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Product code: 28719
Optima Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Organic coconut oil from selected fresh coconuts, cold-pressed, without the use of heat during production. Organic coconut oil has a high nutritional value and is one of the best oils you can use in cooking and pastry recipes, giving you great flavor and taste in your food and pastries. In solid form, it can replace butter by giving healthy meals unsurpassed creamy flavor while you can also use it as an ingredient in nutritious smoothies. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglycerides while having moisturizing and anti-aging properties and can thus be used as body and hair moisturizing cream, providing nourishment and toning.

Does not contain: preservatives, gluten, artificial colors or perfumes, sugar, salt, milk, lactose, soybean, GMO.

Organic cold coconut oil, confectionery, hydration, anti-aging.

It is imported from England.

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100% organic coconut oil - Glass jar 500ml

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