Oral B 3D White Floss 35m

Product Sku: 23989

Product information



Dental floss.

It interdental floss, which contributes to a better and deeper cleaning of the teeth. Slips easily between teeth and prevents the formation of stains on the tooth surface, removing the plate. Removal of plaque and helps to avoid creating the unsightly stone teeth. The dental floss of this Oral-B penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas of the mouth, where the toothbrush can not provide complete cleaning. Resistant to fray, ensuring better performance. It offers freshness thanks to refreshing factor of mint, contains.

The flossing is considered essential, as it reaches to clean the areas of the back teeth and interspaces, where bacteria are concentrated, that secrete acids and corrode the tooth enamel. Particularly useful is the use, when combined with daily brushing teeth and gums. The combination of these two may lead to remove up to 70% of dental plaque, since the dental floss may reach and to clean both the part between the tooth and the part below the gum line, wherein the dental plaque is harvested .

Its use is particularly important for patients who have placed bridges, implants, orthodontic appliances or suffering from heart disease, obesity, diabetes.

The pack contains 35 m of product.

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