Oral-B Stages Power "Star Wars" Spare Parts 2pcs

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Oral-B Stages Power Parts Star Wars 2pcs


Indications: spare children toothbrush


Replacement heads for electric toothbrush * Oral-B with the Disney characters, is designed specifically for the mouth of children and inspired by dental tools for a superior cleaning action.

Both the size and the brush fibers are suitable for the mouth and hands of children, while in each toothbrush presented the Disney heroes will love your children.


Made for fun brushing

Features unique heads specially designed for children

It offers gentle brushing

Softness and ideal size for the mouth of children

Makes fun brushing with the heroes of Star Wars

Compatible with all handles children''s rechargeable electric toothbrushes Oral-B Stages Power, except the Oral-B sonic toothbrushes


Barcode: 4210201161196


Content - Packing: 2 pieces

*is not included

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