Otrisalin Nasal Promo Spare parts- 20Pcs + gift 10pcs

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The Otrisalin replacement kit contains 20 flexible disposable absorbent filter spare nozzles used with the Otrisalin nasal occlusion device for babies (nasal occlusion device sold separately).
Nasal obstruction is recommended every time your baby's nose is clogged, as often as necessary, especially before feeding. The nasal blockage device and flexible parts are designed to help you clean your baby's nose by gently removing the annoying secretions. spare nozzles made of flexible material are designed for proper application to the baby's nose. Each spare part is individually packaged. contains an absorbent filter that holds the mucus for good hygiene.
Using these parts together with the Otrisalin device helps your baby breathe, eat, sleep well and feel good.
At the same time, removal of nasal secretions helps prevent cases that facilitate the onset of further complications such as otitis, sinusitis or cough.

Replacement nozzles for Otrisalin nasal obstruction device, suitable for newborn babies *, infants and children.
* Newborn babies should seek medical advice before use.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.
Before using the product, carefully read the information on the packaging of the nasal obstruction device.

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Packaging of 20 pieces with FREE package of 10 pieces.

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