Panthenol Promo Diaphanous Sun Care Spf30 + Face & Eye Cream

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Panthenol Promo Diaphanous Sun Care Spf30 + Face & Eye Cream

The package contains Panthenol Extra:

1) Sunscreen Face Gel with SPF 30 which has a velvety composition and selected sunscreens, which protect from the harmful rays UVA / UVB. The panthenol derivative and a specific amino acid is clinically proven to act against wrinkles and provide the necessary hydration and anti-aging protection. Moreover vitamin E acts protective against the free radical inhibiting premature skin aging.
It features a non-greasy texture
It has a matte finish.
It is ideal for make-up base.
Content: 50 ml

2) 24-wrinkle cream as GIFT
specially formulated cream with a strong anti-wrinkle action, suitable for face and eyes. Hyaluronic acid: it creates a film on the skin surface, reduces moisture loss and hydrates the stratum corneum, giving the skin elasticity and shine. Two peptides: promote collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and slow the appearance of new wrinkles. Panthenol: Deeply moisturizes the skin, promotes regeneration of new cells, improves skin texture, protects against environmental aggressions.
Content: 50 ml

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