Panthenol Promo Diaphanous Sun Care Spf50 + Face & Eye Cream

Product Sku: 23560

Product information



Sunscreen facial gel with gift wrinkle face cream.

The Panthenol Promo Diaphanous is a combination of two facial products Medisei company. Includes Panthenol EXTRA Sun Care Diaphanous, a facial sunscreen gel with invisible high protection index and 50+, and gift Panthenol EXTRA Face & Eye, a 24-wrinkle face cream.


> The Panthenol EXTRA Sun Care Diaphanous: creates an invisible protective film from the harmful rays of the sun''s UVA and UVB, thanks to its special composition and selected UV sunscreen filters. Adding derivative Panthenol and a specific amino acid with anti-wrinkle gives the skin hydration and anti-wrinkle protection it needs. Thanks to the Vitamin E containing skin protected from free radicals leads to inhibition of premature aging. Because of the velvety texture and matte appearance, is considered ideal for base make-up. It is water resistant.

> The Panthenol EXTRA Face & Eye: a specially formulated cream with anti-wrinkle action. Comprising hyaluronic acid, both peptides, panthenol. Hyaluronic acid is found in the connective tissue of the skin and acts as a moisture reservoir, hydrating the stratum corneum and charizotas skin elasticity and shine. The two peptides promote collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and slow the appearance of new wrinkles. Panthenol -vitamini the cosmetic product moisturizes deeply and promotes the regeneration of new cells, improving skin texture and protects against environmental aggressions. It offers a total renovation and reconstruction with immediate visible results.

Both products are dermatologically tested and preservative-free.