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Hand Sanitizers
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Hartmann Manusept Antiseptic Hand Gel 100ml


Manusept is an alcoholic antiseptic hand gel with bactericide *, fungicide **, mycobacterial *, herbicide * action.
Manusept Gel Hand Antiseptic has excellent skin tolerance, moisturizes the skin and is dermatologically tested.

Active substance: Ethanol **** 850 mg / g
Fields of use: Healthy hand antisepsis

Rub your hands with at least 3 ml of the Manusept Gel antiseptic hand for 30 seconds while keeping the fluids.

For external use only.
Store the Manusept Gel Antiseptic Hand in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Use in infants and infants only after medical confirmation.
Avoid contact with eyes
Tel. Poison Center 2107793777
Flammable product Keep away from flame, heat sources, sparks.

* use 15 sec
** use 30 sec
** viruses, and enveloped viruses such as HBV, HIV, HCV, MVV (30 sec)
**** Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol or commonly alcohol, is widely used in medicine as a disinfectant.

Made in Germany.

100 ml

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