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Intermed Reval Hand Gel Banana 30ml


The Reval Hand Gel, scented banana belong to the category of antiseptic products INTERMED.Katharizoun and disinfect hands offering protection in depth .Skotonoun germs within 60 sec. The combination of specific antibacterial agents, dermokosmitikon herbs and vitamins that nourish, the Reval Hand Gel offer radical resurrection and protect the skin. They offer an instant cleansing and antibacterial hand wherever you are as long as the use of water is required or any soap. contains 70 ml of ethanol to 100 ml product.
USAGE: Put a small amount in your palm and rub your hands until dry. Use as often as needed because it contains moisturizing agents that protect the skin.
COMPOSITION: Ethanol 70 ml, per 100ml product composition thickening and moisturizing agents, excipients.
PRECAUTIONS: Flammable, store in a cool place away from children. Avoid contact with eyes.
PACKAGING: Each pack contains a tube of 30 ml.