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Wall Mounted Base for Chiro Des Hand Antiseptic


Stainless wall mount for hand antiseptic Chiro Des* for 1 liter container
Hand antiseptics are very useful and are a remarkable method of preventing most bacterial and viral infections. But when we have a large package and need (e.g. in a hospital) to be in a stable place that we can easily locate and then use the wall wall  basis is the solution.  
Basic Features
It adapts to a wall with two screws. Robust construction of top quality stainless steel of sourced Sweden.
Accepts 1 liter container.

Wall mounted stainless steel base for 1 litre vessel for hand antiseptic "Chiro Des*

This base is only suitable for the pharmaceutical hand antiseptic Chiro Des for the one-litre package

* Not included !

Content - Packaging
1 piece