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Beauty Devices
SKU 25330

Youth Lab Beauty Tool


Youth Lab Beauty Tool

Cleaning brush and scrub for skin visibly renewed

Cleans thoroughly, removing both sebum and impurities and dead cells, while reinforcing the action of the product, restoring softness and shine of your skin.

Instructions for use
> Cleaning products:
First wet the brush and apply the product on it. With circular movements apply over face and neck, rubbing gently for 1-2 minutes. Then remove with water.
> Cleaning mask: Originally having applied the mask in the proposed time, moisten the brush and massage gently into the skin, for one (1) minute. After removing the remnants of the mask with lukewarm water

Necessary precautions
Avoid contact with eyes
Keep away from children
Hold the brush clean

The brush also has a transparent plastic protective cover for the head.
Construction Country: Greece