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SKU 685

OMRON E2 Elite-With the authenticity guarantee


Relaxation, revitalisation and alleviating pain by using the Electronic
Nerve Stimulation principle.
Massages by gentle electrical pulses for tense muscles, tiredness,
stress, stiffness and everyday complaints.
Adjustable left/right pulse rate to select a more intensified pulse on the
left or right pad: also in combination with a pulse that works on a small
point area or on a wider surface.
Automatically switches off when the pads are not attached or not
attached properly.
Supplied with safety plug.
Supplied with a soft storage case.
Washable Long Life pads are biologically safe.
Replacement pads are available.
9 Automatic Modes.
Quick Relief Button (1200Hz) - for muscle pain.
Region Button - 4 programmes for shoulders, sole, calf and lower back.
Massage Button - 4 programmes for tapping, kneading, pushing and
4 Special Modes - soft, repeat, point and wide.