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OMRON E4-With the authenticity guarantee


The Omron E4 TENS machine massager is an electrotherapeutic device
working according to the TENS principle (Transcutaneous Electrical
Nerve Stimulation). TENS is the electrical stimulation through the skin
via surface electrodes to stimulate nerve fibres, primarily for pain relief.
The OMRON E4 Tens machine massager enables you to reduce and
relieve pain symptoms. The treatment alleviates muscle and nerve
pains through gentle stimulation. For active people it provides
massaging experience, which has a very beneficial effect on muscle
pain or aches and shoulder or neck stiffness. It is excellent for soothing
overall bodily fatigue and improves the blood circulation in the treated
TENS devices are supplied with a wide variety of electro-pads. The E4 is
supplied with the “butterfly” shaped Long Life pads. Instead of
discarding the pads, they can be washed up to ten times.

The Omron E4 TENS Machine is suitable to treat for both acute pain and
chronic pain and has other advantages such as:
User-friendly and easy to use at home
Cheaper than regular prescriptions for analgesics in long-standing cases
of pain
Side effects are minimal
Non-addictive as it is not medication

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