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Alliance Pharmaceuticals Aloclair Plus Gel 8ml


The series of Products Aloclair ® combats small mouth wounds with mechanical action. PVP forms a protective film that is perpendicular to the mucosa of the mouth and isolates the nerve endings of the aesthetic nerves. It creates a mechanical barrier that helps in healing. This mechanical mode of action (with the creation of the film) helps to relieve pain quickly and with durability.

• Helps heal the wound
• Protects against infections
• Offers fast and long lasting pain relief *
• Suitable for infants 2minwn +, children, pregnant and lactating
• Ideal for topical application and patients with 1-2 thrush/wounds in plantspecific
• No sugar and alcohol

Thrush (mouth ulcers), foot stomatitis, small oral lesions including wounds created by braces and artificial dentures that do not fit well.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

* Reduces pain by 60% after 2 '' with effect lasting 5.5 hours

8 ml