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Frezyderm Periodontitis Chlorhexene Gel 30ml


Frezyderm Periodontitis Chlorhexidine Gel 30ml
Indications: Periodontitis.

Local Treatment Gel treatment of symptoms of periodontitis and gingivitis, with an effective concentration of chlorhexidine 0.2%. It also contains clove oil, which is considered a natural local anesthetic.
Contains no alcohol

- Treats plaque
- Moisturizes and heals gums
- Locally anesthetized naturally
- Prevents possible contamination
- Reduces bone loss
- Combats bleeding gums

Can be used after dental surgeries, dry bay, dental implants and dental fistulae

Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing and healing gums
Bioactive peptide: Reduction of bone loss by activating the dental osteoblasts
Clove Oil: Natural local anesthetic
Tannins from kelp: During the bleeding of the gums

instructions for use
Apply locally Frezyderm Periodontitis Chlorhexene Gel 2-3 times daily, let stand for 20 minutes and rinse. Maximum use 15 days.

Content: 30ml