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SKU 29160

Tepe Easy Pick M/L Turquoise 36Pcs


TePe Easy Pick is an enhanced elastic toothpick and is ideal for many user groups. Easy Pick is flexible and durable, with firm grip. The silicone coating drastically removes the dental plaque and has a soft feel for the gums. It has flat surfaces for optimal cleaning of the interdental area.
♦ With silicone coating on its edge
♦ Gentle on gums
♦ Flexible and durable
♦ With a non-slip handle

TePe Easy Pick is indicated:
• For people not familiar with interdental cleaning
• For daily use
• As a supplement to other mesothelial cleansing products
• In case of difficulty in using yarn
• For cleaning in implants and bridges
• For smaller and larger interdental intervals

Includes travel case.

Enhanced elastic Picks
M/L – turquoise: for medium to large gaps

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Made in Sweden

1 pack of 36 pieces.