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Corega Neutral Dental Fixing Cream


Corega Neutral Dental Fixing Cream

Corega Neutral Dental Fixing Cream

Because it is not easy to wear a denture and you want to feel confident when wearing it, the Corega 3D Neutral fixing cream holds the denture in 3D, reducing its movement in all directions (front and back, up and down and sideways), for not to worry during the day. The Corega 3D Neutral has a neutral flavor that doesn't affect the taste of the food so you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Denture fixative cream.

For external use only.
Keep Corega 3D Neutral in a shady and cool place away from children.
Some people may be allergic or allergic to this product.
In case of discomfort or allergic reaction discontinue use immediately.
Ingestion of small quantities of the product when used according to the instructions may occur and is not harmful.
Improperly applied dentures can affect your health.

Calcium // Sodium PVM / MA Copolymer, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum ,, Paraffinum Liquidium.

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