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Intermed Dentofix 50g


Cream mounting artificial dentures.

The Dentofix a cream, which is mainly used by older people to retain their artificial dentures. It offers strong and firm grip for a long time and you ensures safety, comfort and confident all day.

Beyond the firmament of dentures has three other functions. Hampers food and leftovers from accumulating between the denture and the gums. In this way, we avoid various negative consequences, such as tooth staining and sore gums. Prevents microorganisms from developing, combating thereby oral malodor, which is quite troublesome. Prevents microtraumas gum and holds strongly to place the dentures. It contains zinc, has a mild flavor and is considered suitable for homeopathy.

Essentially, the role of the denture is to replace teeth that have been lost or removed and may enter or easily out of your mouth. Available in two types, the total and partial dentures. Although modern dentures similar to natural teeth, yet it is very easy to him / her that the wearing them accustomed quickly.

Instructions: The Dentofix cream placed on the gums, where then-contacting and seals the denture. Once a day is sufficient for strong grip.

Contains 50 grams of product.

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