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Colgate 360 Surround Sonic Power Medium Toothbrush


Toothbrush with vibrations from colgate.


H toothbrush colgate, provides deep and effective cleaning of the oral cavity due to the advanced formula. It is specially designed with a triple action on the removal and treatment of bacterial, for most healthy and complete oral cleaning. Specifically, there are three ways to remove bacteria:
Contains perimeter cleaning bristles, which offer deep cleaning on both sides of the teeth simultaneously and arrive to the gumline.
With perimeter cleaner mouth, specially designed to offer a new dimension of cleanliness and freshness.
In addition to the qualifications of the soft surface cleaning one cheek and gums effectively remove bacteria that cause bad breath.

The toothbrush colgate, ergonomic design and non-slip handle provides a comfortable and easy use. Additionally, the handle is designed with a modern and comfortable, so as to facilitate access to inaccessible areas of your mouth.

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