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Colgate Design-it Kids Toothbrush Extra Soft


The toothbrush Colgate desing -it, specially designed for the milk teeth of children aged over 3 years. The toothbrush comprises a small oscillating head with very soft, different height, hair: the innovative technology, thoroughly cleans the teeth of all sizes and gently removes plaque. Contains convenient buttons on / off, opening and closing of the toothbrush respectively. With thinner handle and flat texture for better implementation of toothpaste.

The toothbrush Colgate desing-it, with battery cleans teeth better than a toothbrush and make brushing fun. Through 130 waterproof adhesive containing allows you to put your imagination and create your own toothbrush: place the stickers on the handle of a clean dry brush. Allow the adhesive to dry for 30 minutes before using the toothbrush. The stickers are permanent and can not be removed after installation.

Do not bite and do not chew.
Do not use it as a toy as not recommended for use in children under 3 years.
After use, rinse the head, shook the water and store it upright.

There is a risk of choking from the battery.
The brush head is not replaced
* The package contains two AAA batteries, replaceable.