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Elgydium Clinic Hybrid Electric Toothbrush 1item


The Elgydium clinic Hybrid Toothbrush has the benefits of an effective electric toothbrush but with the softness of the manual Elgydium Clinic Toothbrush. With very high frequency vibrations, it is easier to remove dental plaque, especially in areas with difficulty access, while remaining soft with the gums.
Research has shown that it removes ten times more plaque at interdental intervals compared to a simple manual toothbrush. The Elgydium Clinic Sensitive head with soft, conical fibers offers gentle brushing and is suitable for sensitive gums. The rounded, thin head with a flexible neck allows for exceptional brushing precision. At the same time, it can be sterilized in the household microwave *, like all Elgydium Clinic toothbrushes.
Protective cap included.
With long battery (1 month autonomy)
Charger included.

Electric toothbrush, teeth cleaning.

For dental use only.
* Do not place the appliance handle in the microwave.
Replace the head every 3 months.

1 electric toothbrush with its head with charger and protective lid.

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