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ORAL-B Genius 9000


The revolutionary electric Genius 9000 Black toothbrush has a designed by dentists round head swing, vibrated and rotated to surround and cover each tooth to remove up to 100% more plaque sygkitika a simple hand-held toothbrush.
It is specially designed to be brushing your teeth as recommended by dentists, the toothbrush is connected via Bluetooth with the implementation of the Oral-B for smartphone to provide you real time information and training during brushing for two minutes , triple pressure sensor to protect the gums from excessive pressure during brushing, and advanced positioning technology to not skip points.
Thanks to the light SmartRing 360º with LED backlight you can customize the experience brushing teeth to your personal needs.
Available in black color.

Smart travel pouch with additional USB port for charging only 1 smartphone plug and toothbrush
Positioning Technology to know the points you brush to not skip points
Round head designed by dentists, breaks and removes plaque
6 brushing programs
Triple pressure sensor to protect your gums
Polishes for whiter teeth than the first day of use and care gingival health
SmartRing LED light with 12 colors for personalized brushing experience

Contents: 1 handle only 1 plug, 4 toothbrush heads new Lithium Ion battery, travel case with USB charging based smartphone