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Oral-B OxyJet Oral Irrigator


Oral-B OxyJet Oral Irrigator

The Oral-B company leader in products for oral ygiini, presents OxyJet sprinkler system for antimetopisi of plaque on teeth.

The OxyJet irrigation system by Oral-B, using technology microbubbles encountered by the bacteria responsible for plaque.

Mixes to form microbubbles of air and water, and substantially reduces porvlimata related gums, when used conjointly with a specialized toothpaste.

Compressed air and water creates microbubbles with activity against bacteria and plaque

Spiral Currents Water with microbubbles do to gently massage the gums. You can adjust the water pressure from 1 (mild stress) to 5 (strong pressure), depending on your needs

> Specially designed cleaning filter for air that enriches the water before it reaches the nozzle

The packaging perilamanontai: 1 oxyjet cleaning system and four heads Oxyjet

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