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ORAL-B Pro 750 Pink 3D White + Travel Case


Oral-B, the world leader in toothbrushes, presents the ORAL-B - Pro 750 3D electric toothbrush.

• Cleaning movements: 8,800 spins / minute / 20,000 beats / minute
• 3D pulse & rotary system
• More durable battery * Oral-B
• Charging indicator
• Pressure sensor

3D White Head
The head has a special polishing pad to improve the natural whiteness of the teeth.
• Natural white teeth.
• Cleans in depth
• Gently removes surface stains for natural white teeth

Polishing slot:
Holds toothpaste for gentle removal of surface stains and to improve the natural whiteness of the teeth

External fibers:
They surround each tooth to clean it in depth

Indicator® Fibers:
With gradual fading so you know when to replace your toothbrush head.

* Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days (for brushing 2 minutes twice a day)

Compatible with Oral-b brushes for every need of oral care:
1) Cross Action 2) Sensitive Clean 3) Floss Action 4) Trizone

It contains
Electric Toothbrush
travel case
1 white brush head