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Oral-B Vitality 100 Sensi Ultrathin


It is clinically proven that the Oral-B Vitality 100 Sensi Ultrathin rechargeable electric toothbrush cleans more effectively than a conventional manual toothbrush. The built-in timer on the handle helps you observe the 2-minute brushing time recommended by dentists. This product was designed by Oral-B, the most used toothbrush brand by the dentists themselves in the world. Compatible with the following replacement brushes: CrossAction, 3D White, Sensi Ultra, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, FlossAction, TriZone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, Ortho Care.

Electric charge rechargeable toothbrush.

Instructions for use
Brush with the Oral-B Vitality 100 Sensi Ultrathin toothbrush before inserting the toothpaste. Place the toothbrush in your mouth and turn it on. Move the toothbrush slowly from one tooth to the other. Hold the toothbrush for a few seconds before moving on to the next tooth. Brush the gums as well as the teeth starting from the outside and then the inside before finishing with the chewing surfaces.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.

Content - Packaging
1 electric toothbrush with its head and charging stand.

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