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Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ HX3212/03


It is designed as the most suitable toothbrush for the transition from conventional to electrical. You will feel that you are washing your teeth for the first time! "

✔ Removes 3 times more plate compared to conventional toothbrushes for top cleaning
✔ Helps you get whiter teeth for a shiny and bright smile
✔ Helps gum health

It helps drastically improve the health of the gums thanks to its gentle cleansing action.
✔ Toothed brush head
This head clamps and plugs off the handle of the toothbrush for consistent application and easy maintenance and cleaning. It fits into the PowerUp Battery and Essence toothbrush from the Philips Sonicare series.
✔ Timers for meticulous brushing
The Quadpacer interval timer indicates when it is time to move to the next quadrant of the mouth, while Smartimer helps you keep up the two-minute brushing time that dentists recommend.
✔ EasyStart helps you adjust after the manual toothbrush
It adapts for the first 14 years the power level of the electric toothbrush to familiarize yourself with the Sonicare experience and to make it easier to switch from the conventional toothbrush.
✔ Battery lasting up to 10 days between charges.
✔ Sonicare''s powerful cleaning action that drives fluid between teeth and gums for thorough and mild cleansing

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