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Philips Sonicare Sonicare For Kids HX6311/07


Kids electric toothbrush with 2 functions, 1 brush head and 8 stickers.

√ KidPacer produces entertaining and appealing musical sounds
Children are encouraged by entertaining sounds to brush your entire mouth for 2 minutes, as dentists recommend.

√ KidTimer helps increase brushing time
To get used to your child''s daily brushing, this electric toothbrush gradually increases over 90 days per year of brushing up to 2 minutes recommended by dentists to get healthier habits in the most natural way.

√ Remove more dental plaque (up to 75%) compared to conventional toothbrushes.

√ 2 child-friendly power modes offer gentle and effective cleaning
With two child-friendly power functions, this electric toothbrush provides proper cleaning for different ages. For younger children, it has a low power function, while for older children it has a high power function.

√ Ergonomically designed to allow children to brush their teeth alone

√ Possibility to personalize with fun interchangeable stickers

√ The rubber toothbrush head is designed to protect the teeth of children

√ Sonicare''s dynamic cleaning action drives the fluid between the teeth.
Because of its unsurpassed, dynamic action, it offers gentle and effective cleansing between the teeth and the gum line.

√ Non-cylindrical shape
The rigid handle allows children to put it in an upright position as well as put toothpaste when the toothbrush is in a horizontal position.

Kids Electric toothbrush, toothbrushing
Age: 4+

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