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Elgydium Mono Compact Green 1.1 4Pcs


Elgydium Mono Compact Green 1.1 4Tmch

The new interdental brushes ELGYDIUM Mono Compact gives excellent build quality and ergonomic design for comfort and ease of cleaning. The highly sensitive strain not hurting the gums and combines durability with flexibility.
Each interdental brush has better hygiene cap and can be used for elongation of the member.
The use of interdental brush once a day is necessary to remove from the spaces between the teeth of plaque and food debris, where the toothbrush can not clean up well.

Very thin wire (diameter from 0,38 to 0,6mm) and flexible to reach the inaccessible areas. It features a non-slip grip

The cleaning can be done under running water, you can use and oral antiseptic solution. Protective cap.

Keep away from children. Replace when worn.

Made in France

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