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Gum 1312 traveler 0.6mm interdental


The innovative interdental brush Trav-Ler created by Sunstar to remove more plaque and provides maximum comfort and efficiency to every use.

The results are based on the clinically proven technology Sunstar and show that coated with chlorhexidine interdental brushes significantly reduce the likelihood of bacterial contamination during use for up to 2 weeks.

Proven effectiveness : removes up to 25 % more plaque thanks to its innovative design with triangular brush (compared to conventional toothbrushes with synthetic fibers)

The antibacterial protection offered by the brush helps avoid contamination between uses ( Patent coated with chlorhexidine brushes )

To reduce the chances of injury and to avoid damage to the enamel of the teeth , the thread is lined and the end of the handle is round to ensure the protection of the gums

The new , modern and ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and control thanks to larger, flexible and non-slip handle .

The flexible (45 ° -90 °) of the neck easily reaches up to the back teeth with improved oral hygiene cap protects both the brush and the other can be used to extend the handle