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Inaden Interdental Brush 0,6mm (blue), 8pcs


Inaden Interdental Brush is specially formulated, particularly durable and flexible, to clean the teeth even at the back of the mouth where the common toothbrushes do not reach.
Inaden are particularly soft and thin, comfortable to hold, help to remove food debris without injuring gums and tooth enamel.
Each package includes 8 brushes and a plastic lid. The lid can be used to extend the handle in use and to protect the brush while it is being stored.

Indications: Interdental Brushes 0,6mm (blue)

Instructions for use
Insert the Inaden brush horizontally, between the teeth at the height of the gum and brush it with soft motion back and forth without twisting it.
Do not push the brush to fit in the interdental spaces that are too small.
Change your interdental brush every week
Visit your dentist often

Pack of 8 pieces