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Teeth Whitening
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Intermed Unident White Kit


Unident White kit
An integrated system for enhancing the bleaching
To Unident White kit is a complete system of bleaching aid, which achieves whitening teeth up to eight tons in just 14 days.
To Unident White kit contains an innovative combination of three whitening products, pharmaceutical grade:
Unident Whitening Professional Toothpaste, special, protective, whitening toothpaste, ideal for everyday use,
Unident NGR, photo-activated whitening gel and a special device with LED dental applicator,
UNIDENT Pen instant brightening, thinning bleaching gel.
To Unident White kit is a unique, easy & safe to use integrated system for enhancing the bleaching, which in a few days will give you white teeth and a brilliant smile.
The innovative combination of Unident White kit effectively whitens teeth, removing blemishes from the tooth surfaces and also protects against new stains.
Additionally, it offers active strengthening enamel, strengthening teeth and substantially preventing the caries them.
For tooth whitening.
UNIDENT® Whitening Professional Toothpaste
Use UNIDENT® Whitening Professional Toothpaste daily to brush your teeth.
Place a quantity of UNIDENT® Whitening Professional Toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly every morning and evening and after each meal.
Use UNIDENT® PEN twice a day, morning and evening, immediately after brushing, as follows:
Bourtsiste your teeth and remove moisture from the surface with a paper towel. Do not touch your lips to the teeth.
Press the pen on top of one or two times to wet the brush with an amount of gel and place a thin layer of it on your teeth and moves up and down. Try not to get your teeth into contact with the tongue or lips for at least 30 seconds. For best results do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.
After use, screw the cap tightly to avoid drying out the gel.
Use UNIDENT® NRG once daily, morning or evening, immediately after brushing, as follows:
Connect the LED indicator and silicone tray (mouth guard) to create Trigger Whitening LED.
Cover with a thin layer of gel surfaces of trays which will come into contact with the teeth of the maxilla and mandible.
With clean teeth, bite down gently on the tray, placing it so that the gel be in full contact with the front surface.
Turn on the device by pressing the white button located on the surface and let sit for 3-4 minutes.
Turn off again by pressing the white button and remove the device from the mouth.
Remove parts and rinse thoroughly tray. Rinse mouth with water.