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Teeth Whitening
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Yotuel All In One Whitening Toothpaste Snowmint 75ml


Yotuel All In One Whitening Toothpaste Snowmint 75ml
Whitening toothpaste with carbamide peroxide.

Feel the difference with the first whitening toothpaste that demonstrably improves your enamel. With all the benefits of the patented formula Yotuel.
The toothpaste Yotuel one in all contain carbamide peroxide, fluoride, calcium and phosphate to effectively whiten your teeth while epanametalonei your enamel and helps fight tooth decay.
The toothpaste Yotuel All In One is designed by dentists, contains active microparticles for immediate results.

Instructions for use
Use this toothpaste and brush your teeth three times a day for 3 minutes each.

Ingredients: Glycerin, xylitol, potassium citrate, silica, titanium dioxide, dicalcium phosphate, aroma, cocamidopropyl betaine, potassium fluoride, carbomer, urea peroxide, sucralose
Contains: 0.1% hydrogen peroxide
It contains potassium fluoride (1470 ppm F-)
For adults only

Do not use 3 months after opening.
Construction Country: Spain
Content: 75 ml