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Colgate 360 Interdental Medium Toothbrush


Toothbrush colgate 360 interdental medium.

Get 4 times deeper cleaning between teeth and along the gumline. Compared to a common flat toothbrush, offers an efficient and thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, thanks to the tapered heads with thinner edges, which stand out for their functionality from common rounded tufts. The bristles are soft and flexible and do not cause irritation of the gums. Specifically tufts with purple edges reach deeper between teeth and along the gumline (below the gum line with respect to a common flat toothbrush). It also has a soft surface for cleaning the tongue and cheeks for a more olkliromeno and healthy cleaning of the oral region.

It is a daily concern of us all, care and hygiene of the oral region. The main oral care agent is mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush while all other instruments are useful while, but auxiliary arms. The mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush aims at controlling plaque, before he could develop into a stone. For this reason besides should brush our teeth with care, it is essential to daily involvement in oral hygiene and even after every meal. H toothbrush, colgate 360 interdental medium, appropriate for this use.