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SKU 23547

Colgate 360 Max White Medium Toothbrush


A new dimension of whiteness with toothbrush colgate Max White.

For whiter smile with unique whitening power. The Colgate Max White has shown that removes color stains, highlighting the natural white of your teeth.
In detail, the only polishing star and specially designed arrangement of your hair to help remove with gentle way the color stains created in tooth bases, revealing the natural luster of your teeth for a whiter smile. It is a medium-sized toothbrush, which gives an effective and thorough cleaning of the teeth, thanks to the star shine inherent in the center of the head and special bleaching fins.

The dentists recommend changing the toothbrush every 3 months. Over time the wear of the brush is given a direct consequence loses its effectiveness and becomes less efficient. This bacteria is not fully normalized and persist in the mouth. By replacing regularly achieve a healthy and safe manner oral hygiene.