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Colgate Total Pro Gum Health Medium Toothbrush


colgate pro gum health, toothbrush to improve gingival health.

Brushing twice a day is necessary for the control of the plate. Of course the use of proper toothbrush can make a difference. The new toothbrush Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health is specially designed to clean inaccessible points of the mouth while gently stimulates gums, removing plaque between teeth and offering the best possible protection. All this is achieved through the elevated peak purification Pro Tip. Designed by those skilled in the oral health, has an ergonomic design for gum massage, through the fingers contained therein.

: The dentists recommend n ''change your toothbrush every three months, for a more healthy and effective integrated cleaning of the oral region. The main oral care agent is mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush while all other instruments are useful while, but auxiliary arms. The mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush aims at controlling plaque, before he could develop into a stone. For this reason besides should brush our teeth with care, it is essential to daily involvement in oral hygiene and even after every meal.