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SKU 23523

Colgate Zig Zag Medium Toothbrush


Toothbrush with protective cover of colgate.
USAGE: The toothbrush consists of multi-angle bristles for deep cleaning between teeth. With soft tongue cleaner that removes bacteria responsible for bad breath caused in the oral region. Additionally, it contains flexible neck that offers greater comfort and ease in cleaning teeth and is gentle on your gums preventing their injury.
This is a moderate toothbrush with a protective cover, so as to maintain a clean and safe, ready for the next utilization.

ORAL HYGIENE: Oral hygiene includes a set of actions such as brushing teeth, using dental thread and various mouthwashes. The main oral care agent is mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush while all other instruments are useful while, but auxiliary arms. The mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush aims at controlling plaque, before he could develop into a stone. For this reason besides should brush our teeth with care, it is essential to daily involvement in oral hygiene and even after every meal.