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Curaden Curaprox Be You Rising Star Toothpaste - Grapefruit Flavor & Bergamot 60ml


The [Be You.] Rising Star is a toothpaste with rich grapefruit and refreshing bergamot combined with mint and mentol.
- 950 ppm high bioavailability and rapid action (sodium monofluorophosphate) fluoride for prevention of terododon .
- the hydroxyapatite improves tooth enamel by offering an insurmountable glow, seals exposed donin relievefrom pain of sensitive teeth.
- oxoxdosweetsis is a natural enzyme that treats harmful bacteria and whites naturally teeth. It has the ability to stimulate saliva production and thus harmonises oral flora.
- xylitol prevents the development of bacteria that cause terodonand naturally improves teeth. It comes from the birch tree and is a natural substitute of sugar, but does not favour the development of bacteria as with sugar.
- Echinacea, devils claw and sentella (pennywort) soothe and re regenerating the oral mucosa and gums, while at the same time having an anti-inflammatory effect. They also support natural healing in case of treatment or postoperative.
- bitter orange extract directly treats harmful bacteria.
- provitamin B5 gives hydration in the oral mucosa and supports cell regeneration, while also having an anti-inflammatory, healing effect.
- Soft with emalto with an extremely low RDA abrasion index, approximately 50.
- It doesn't contain SLS. SLS is a aggressive factor foaming that may cause irritation of the oral mucosa and dry stomy. SLS has also been associated with the appearance of oral ulcers.

toothpaste toothbrush whitening.

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Toothpaste 60ml