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Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft - Toothbrush, 1Pcs


The softness of Curen fibers is the worst enemy of the plate: CS toothbrushes are incredibly soft. The 5,460 0.1 mm diameter Curen fibers of CS 5460 ultra soft form an unusually dense and active cleaning surface. Although soft with gums and teeth, Curen fibers are particularly hard with slab. Anyone who experiences the brushing experience with a CS toothbrush will never change it again. Curaprox toothbrushes provide a perfectly safe brush for gums and teeth, but at the same time they break and remove the plate perfectly. Curen fibers are extremely thin but more rigid than nylon and remain firm in the mouth as when dry. So they can form a very dense brush.
- Gentle action thanks to Curen fibers
- Active cleaning surface thanks to the high density of Curen fibers
- Nothing escapes due to shape: small head, slightly angled
- The octagonal handle helps keep it in the right angle

Toothbrush very soft.

Made in Switzerland.

A variety of colors are available (no choice).

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