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Inaden Dynamic Medium 1Pcs


Inaden Dynamic Toothbrush is synonymous with modern design, deep cleansing and perfect ergonomic shape.
✔ with two different heights of tassel for more effective cleaning of teeth and gums.
✔ Excellent massage of the gums.
✔ with ergonomic handle that does not slip on both sides with comfortable grip.
✔ with a protective head cap for excellent hygiene.
✔ studied at a dental school in the University of Switzerland.

Toothbrush, teeth cleaning.

Dentists recommend brushing the teeth after each meal. It is important to change the toothbrush regularly for the overall health of the teeth. Replace the toothbrush regularly or when observed damage or immediately after a cold, throat infection or influenza

For external use only.
Store your Inaden Dynamic toothbrush in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Manufactured in Switzerland

Caution: The color of the toothbrush is indicative, there is no color option

1 piece