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Intermed Toothbrush 153 Pink


Intermed toothbrush.


Shaped and contoured soft bristle toothbrush Intermed, offer you a deep, yet effective cleaning of the oral cavity, even the most inaccessible areas. Additionally, assist in the removal of dental plaque. In pink, Intermed toothbrush, gently caring for your gums, without causing injury or irritation.

Use toothbrush, many times requiring necessary, in combination with Intermed toothpaste for effective action.

After brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush and store it in the pocket, so in a safe and clean way to re-use.

What we mean by plaque;
When referring to the term bacterial plaque, is meant a sticky transparent or whitish or yellowish coating formed on the tooth surfaces when no brush or brush correctly. The components that make up the O.M.P are: food debris, bacteria and various components of saliva. The single most appropriate way to prevent against O.M.P is daily and correct brushing.