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Jordan Denture Brush, 1pcs


Toothbrush Jordan

Daily cleaning of the teeth is a required process that should not be neglected by us anyone. The dental hygiene is an important issue for everyone. Healthy and white teeth not only play a role in oral health of our region, but also to maintain an elegant and radiant smile.

Therefore, the Jordan Brand suggest the Denture Brush, an ergonomically designed toothbrush with two heads for more effective cleaning. With a large, curved head with embedded fibers, which is appropriately adjusted in all dentures, ensuring effective cleaning large surfaces. In the back side of the main head is a smaller, which serves to remove the plate and the particles detected in inaccessible areas of the denture. The durable handle makes it easy to use even for people with reduced mobility.

The thorough and detailed purification is necessary to prevent growth of bacteria, which intensify the irritation of the gums and cause malodor in the mouth.

Gingivitis is one of the prevalent forms of periodontal disease, which occurs in both children and adults. This is a specific inflammatory reaction of the marginal gingiva. This reaction in the tissue, which starts as dental plaque accumulation, begins early in childhood and reflects the bacterial challenge to the host. Initially, remains superficial, but maintaining in the mouth for a long time may cause connection loss.

The oral hygiene is an issue for all of us!