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SKU 23350

Jordan Gum Protector Οδοντόβουρτσα SS Πολύ Μαλακή


Toothbrush Clinic Gum Protector with feedback mechanism.

Daily brushing, which is several times the same day, it is necessary for our oral hygiene and good maintenance of the condition of our teeth. However, when a wrong way, there is a possibility of causing wear of the tooth enamel and gums. This happens mainly when we exercise too much pressure on the teeth and gums during our cleaning. Investigations revealed that 3 out of 4 people brush their teeth too hard.

For this reason, the company Jordan precaution for you and shows you the Clinic Gum Protector Super Soft, a toothbrush with integrated special mechanism which is activated every time you rub your monster teeth, bending the handle of the toothbrush and making a noticeable "click". This mechanism is a particular point in the handle of the toothbrush, where it touches your thumb when you brush your teeth. When this mechanism is activated automatically ease stress and cleanses gently as your teeth.

Additionally, the toothbrush head has extremely thin sharpened hairs, providing a smooth and effective cleaning of the teeth, along the gum line. The specially shaped hairs schematically reach farther than standard hair in various remote areas of the mouth.

Available with a sheath to protect the head.