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Jordan Target Sensitive Toothbrush Ultrasoft 1pcs.


Jordan Target Sensitive is the dentist''s favorite toothbrush with a very small head to reach all areas of the mouth and a delicate handle for precision brushing. It has very thin microfibers, 0.01 mm thick. And with dense layout for deep and gentle cleansing. These ultra-soft bristles are effective and soft on the teeth and enamel.

Toothbrush too soft.

Do not exert pressure when brushing.
Avoid brushing immediately after eating as food acids may wear out the enamel.
For dental use only, keep it out of reach of children.
For hygienic reasons replace the toothbrush after some time of use or when it is found to wear it.
For personal use only, do not use by more than 1 person.
The color of the Jordan Target Sensitive is indicative, it is not possible to choose a color.

Brewed in Malaysia.

One Piece