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Tepe Nova Toothbrush Medium


Toothbrush TePe Nova, 1 Pcs
Toothbrush TePe Nova
feature a triangular shaped head, densely grafted fibers and a projection (tip) * coloring which is equivalent of fiber stiffness. The TePe Nova toothbrushes have head which helps to better clean the back teeth and other hard to reach areas. The TePe Nova toothbrushes have solid grip non-slip, with a unique recess for firmer grip.
♦ blue tip - medium
♦ Yellow tip - soft
♦ Pink tip - extra soft
Produced in collaboration with dentists (Swedish Dental Association)
Manufactured in Sweden
Brush your teeth two times a day (or based on instructions from your dentist) at an angle of 45 degrees to the teeth and gums.

Keep out of reach of children to avoid the possibility of any party to misuse, injury or swallowing. Replace the toothbrush when worn

Attention: the colors are limited, there is no possibility of color selection