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Pharmasept Promo: Baby Mild Bath, 500ml + Hygienic Shower, 500ml

Product code: 29746
Pharmasept Promo: Baby Mild Bath,  500ml + Hygienic Shower, 500ml

Special Promo * Body Cleaning package Baby Mild Bath  500ml and Hygienic shower 500ml.

✔ Baby Mild Bath 500ml
Cleanses and provides protection for sensitive baby skin. Natural baby shower gel, without soap or alkalis, whichoffers gentle cleansing of the body and hair. Fortified with herbal extracts, moisturizing elements and vitamins, it provides protection to sensitive skin fromirritations and offers the skin the right hydration and softness to avoid dry. At the same time, thanks to the pleasant hypoallergenic aroma is an ideal choicefor the daily care of the baby and people with hypersensitive skin.
Clinically studied at the Attic hospital.

Hygienic Shower 500ml
Healthy cleansing, hydration and 24-hour freshness!
The specially formulated composition without alkalis and soap thoroughly cleanses the skin without drying or irritating. Mild antimicrobial agents drastically neutralize bacteria and unpleasant odors, giving healthy cleanliness and long lasting freshness. At the same time, natural extracts and ph 5.5, restore the natural balance of the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft.

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