Power Health biscoteins biscuits with chocolate/orange 10pcs.

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For those difficult times you want something tasty that will fill you up... Honey, but not calories biscoteins cookies are what you''re looking for. The delicious, nutritious biscuits rich in protein, with low calories, reduced in carbohydrates and unique taste are the definition of sweet delight and are... Ideal for all hours!
Biscoteins is the most hearty sweet choice since:
✔ is rich in protein, 2.5 g per biscuit!
✔ is low in calories, with only 25-53kcal per biscuit.
✔ You find them in 4 delicious flavors.
✔ is a good source of fiber, a necessary ingredient for a balanced diet ✔ Sweets are your weakness!
✔ You are looking for a nutritious snack different from the others.
✔ You are trying to balance your diet.
✔ Follow a diet reduced in carbohydrates.
✔ You are looking for a balanced snack for your child.
With less than 60 calories per biscuit!


Contains gluten (barley, wheat), milk, egg.
It may contain traces of soybeans, nuts, sesame seeds.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Orange biscuits 37.5 g
Chocolate 44g Biscuits

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