Power Health Classics Platinum Range Calcium Plus 30Tabs

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Ca 400 mg + Mg 130 mg + D3 2,5 g

Food supplement with Calcium , Magnesium and Vitamin D3

The majority of calcium is found in bone and teeth and constitutes approximately 2% of the weight of the human body . Also used on the nerves , muscles , heart and blood .

For maximum utilization of calcium required sufficient vitamin D and magnesium , which is why the product coexist these three nutrients.

Calcium is essential for :

Good health of bones and teeth

Normal muscle function

Proper functioning of the nervous system

Maintaining the health of blood vessels and heart

Normal coagulation

The adequacy of calcium :

Prevents osteoporosis and osteomalacia

Helps to balance blood pressure

Prevents muscle cramps

Helps nervousness , insomnia , stress

Helps aching muscles and joints

Is suitable for:

Children and adolescents

Menopausal women

During pregnancy and lactation

Middle - elderly

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